6 Ways To Save On Electricity Bills

Feeling the pinch from increasing costs of life? We get it. From food prices to property prices that are always on the rise, we all want little fixes to help bring our commitments a little lower. But did you know that most Malaysians spend a good fraction of their salary on electricity bills in their homes alone? Luckily, it doesn’t have to always be this way. Here are 6 simple ways to save on your electricity bills:

1. Tint your windows

To help block the heat from getting trapped in your home, begin by getting your windows tinted. Solar Control Films are capable of blocking up to 99% UV rays and have up to 98% heat rejection to keep your home cool naturally. This can bring a drastic drop in your electricity bill because when your space is cooler, you’ll naturally use the air-conditioning a little less – thus reducing the price of your bill by the end of the month.

2. Say yes to natural lighting

For most homeowners, it’s common to buy curtains and blinds to keep the heat out of your home. Unfortunately, not only are curtains expensive and highly prone to dust, they also keep sunlight out of your space, making it dimmer and duller in your home. Finally, you will resort to turning on all your lights – causing your electricity bill to surge. Instead of going through this cycle, why not opt to have your windows tinted? With Solar Control Films, you will experience up to 98% heat rejection so your home stays cooler even without curtains. Now you can turn off those light switches when it’s bright outside because you can now enjoy the natural lighting that comes minus the heat it brings!

3. Unplug your electronics when not in use

It probably sounds funny to do so, but did you know that electronics still use up electricity despite it being turned off? To avoid unwanted electricity usage, it’s recommended that you unplug your electronics whenever you don’t need them. Examples such as your phone or laptop chargers should be unplugged when you’re no longer using them or you can even take it a step further to unplug heavy electronics such as the washing machine or TV when you’re done with it.

4. Keep your filters and fan blades clean
If you’re feeling less wind from your fan or that your air-conditioning is not as cool as it used to be, then perhaps it’s time for a spring clean. From giving your fan blades a quick wipe to reduce dust build up to cleaning your filters so the air-conditioning remains cool, a quick spring clean will help your home appliances maintain their efficiency and in turn keeps your electricity bill lower. So the next time you think your fan or air-conditioner isn’t doing a good job, maybe you’d like to check on the filter and fan blades instead!

5. Time your electricity uses

To keep yourself cool overnight, you don’t have to keep the air-conditioner on all the time. Consider setting it up on a timer where it would switch off around midnight when the temperature in your home is cool and the outside is colder. This is even better if you’ve got your home windows tinted, because your home could already be pretty cooling in the day so you wouldn’t need the air-conditioner to run that long just to keep you comfortably cool anyway!

6. Wash up in bulk
Do you run cycles of washing in the washing machine when it isn’t too full? Washing machines use up a lot of electricity, so be sure to only run your load when it is full to make full use of every wash! By doing your laundry in bulk, you’ll also be using less detergent and water, so this tip saves you both electricity and money at the same time! Need a shirt or a piece of clothing urgently? Try giving the old school method a go – hand wash it!

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