8 Ways To Pick The Right Tint For Your Windows

We’ve all heard about getting our windows tinted, but did you know that there’s a lot more to picking out the right tint for your windows? Today we’ll show you 8 ways to pick out the right tint for your windows!

1. Learn about the UVR of your window tint
UVR stands for ultraviolet rejection, and is the most common function of all window tints. Most window tints feature up to a 99% UVA and UVB rejection rate, but this may not be available in cheaper tints! UV rays damage your car’s interior and home furniture. It is also harmful to your skin and can cause skin cancer.

2. Ask about the IRR level of your window tint
IRR stands for infrared rejection, which helps block the heat from your car. A high IRR can help your car remain cooler and comfortable even after leaving it parked outside. Reputable tinting shops have a demo room for you to the test film’s heat rejection on the spot.

3. Looking for the right VLT in your window tint
VLT here refers to visible light transmission or simply put – how much light can pass through the tint. Darker tints do not necessarily block more heat and UV as high-quality films can have high IRR and UVR while maintaining a clear colour.

4. Is the window tint JPJ compliant?

Are you worried that your window tinting will get you into trouble with the authorities? That is why it is important to know JPJ’s ruling on window tint VLT – which is now set at 70% VLT for your front windscreen, 50% VLT for your front windows, and 30% VLT for your rear windows (as of 1st of January 2018). Not too sure how dark that would look on your car? Why not visit Winshield® – the Window Tinting Specialist and have our professionals give you a real-life example today!

5. Consider if you would like security features in your window tint

Upgrade from solar control film to solar security film for added benefits such as a stronger window and shatterproof feature. This will avoid having your car window smashed in pieces in case of an accident or robbery. Solar security films still offer up to 99% UV rejection and keep your car just as cool as solar control films. They do not cost much more than regular films but offer you peace of mind knowing that your family and valuables are safer.

6. Don’t go for cheap window tints – Remember it’s always quality over price
Cheap window tints may seem like a great way to get your car tinted, but did you know that most cheap tints will bubble after a year or two and often do not provide you with the right kind of protection from the heat? Some cheap window tints may even damage your car windows, and can be dangerous if used on the front and back windscreen as they may obstruct your view when it turns blurry and wavy.

7. Make sure it’s applied by professionals

As important as it is to get your car window tints from an authorised dealer of a reputable brand, it is also crucial to get the right people to apply them onto your car. Window film technicians must go through a series of training to ensure a perfect application with zero bubbling so your window tints can last you a very long time.

8. Is your window tint SmartTag, RFID or GPS friendly?
Finally, it’s important to ensure that your car window tints will be SmartTag, RFID or GPS friendly as cheaper window tints may not allow these radio frequencies to penetrate through. You wouldn’t want to roll down your windows every time you pass a toll or want to turn Waze on, do you?

Get the right help for the right window tints on your car with Winshield® – the window tinting specialist. Just call our HQ in SS2, Petaling Jaya at +603-7877 1433 for a FREE* quotation on your tinting needs now and feel how much cooler life can get with the right window tinting today!