9 Things You Must Do When You Get A New Car

Just got your new car? It could seem overwhelming to know what your next steps are after you’ve gotten the keys to your vehicle. At Winshield, we believe that it’s best to make every car ownership as simple and joyous possible. That’s why we’ve come up with the top 9 things you should do when you get a new car!

1. Read up your car manual
What do those blinking lights on your dashboard mean? Read your manual! Understanding your car manual also helps you understand your car better, and helps extend the lifespan of your car with proper care. Be sure to check for the right tyre pressure for a comfortable drive and minor details such as mileage logs so you don’t miss your maintenance checks.
Pro-tip: Always keep the manual in your car, as you never know when emergencies or breakdowns will happen.

2. Block the heat with window tint

You KNOW you’re going to need a good window tint in our hot Malaysian weather. So many types, which one to pick?
A simple guide to window tints:
i) Solar Control Film – Blocks heat and UV for a cooler and more comfortable ride
ii) Solar Security Film – Blocks heat and UV while offering shatterproof protection in case of an unfortunate car break-in or accident
Go for original films from reputable shops such as Winshield Window Tinting Specialist. Ask for the infrared rejection % and test the film at the shop.
Pro-tip: Always get your car tinted by professional window tinting specialists as this reduces the chances of your window tint bubbling, peeling or turning blurry after a period of use. Avoid using cheap tints as they may not offer the same amount of heat rejection, and you’ll have to change it often.

3. Stop polishing & waxing your car

A semi-permanent solution is here; one coat can last for up to 3 years! No more monthly retouching, just a shiny and mirror-like car body for years down the road!

Extra glossy surface

Protects car body from oxidation, UV rays, acid rain, and minor scratches

Hydrophobic layer repels water and dirt, making your car easier to clean as it prevents water staining

Pro-tip: Reduce wear and tear to your car when you apply a layer of body coating. This also helps give your car a higher resale value as it would look newer than it really is!

4. Prevent scratches with paint protection film

It’s only logical that you get a screen protector for your brand new phone and the same applies to your car! Before you get unwanted scratches and stone chips while you’re on the road, protect it first with paint protection film. This virtually invisible layer can self-heal under heat, so scratches are removed almost immediately. It helps your car look brand new while also protecting from UV rays and paint discolouration.
Pro-tip: The headlights, side mirrors, door handles, front bumper, and bonnet are more prone to getting scratched. Use PPF to protect these areas!

5. Pack an emergency kit for your car

Don’t be caught stuck alone in the middle of a dark road. Pack common essentials: jump start cable, flashlight, phone charging cable, first aid kit and anything you might need in an emergency. These items are easily found in your local hardware stores and take up minimal space.
Pro-tip: Pre-pack your emergency kit so you’re always ready to help your friends and family or even a stranded stranger.

6. Prepare yourself for a flat tyre

You’ll never know when you’ll encounter a flat tyre, so always have the right tools in your new car. They include car jacks, a spare tyre, an emergency tyre pump, reflective triangle, and a tyre changing kit (based on your car model). You can also consider keeping wet wipes and a pair of heavy duty gloves in case of a tyre change, so you can avoid injuring your hands when loosening the tyre nut and wipe your hands clean before continuing your journey.
Pro-tip: Electric kits are available in the market and can make the process much faster and easier, especially for females.

7. Keep emergency numbers close
This includes the contacts for tow trucks, a trusted workshop, car insurance and family members in case you have to use a public phone but cannot remember their numbers.
Pro-tip: Many car insurance providers give out car stickers with their numbers on them. Consider pasting this on your windscreen so you’ll have those emergency numbers anytime you need.

8. Join your car’s Facebook group

Even before purchasing your car, do consider joining a Facebook group where owners of the same car model gather. You can ask about car issues and where to get affordable spare parts. You’ll pick up plenty of tips and friends here.
Pro-tip: It doesn’t hurt to join several car groups to get more solutions to your problem!

9. Replace your residential stickers on the windscreen
Make sure you transfer over your condominium, gated housing area or office sticker so you don’t get stuck at the guardhouse.
Pro-tip: Apply for the stickers earlier so you can put them on almost immediately for lesser inconvenience.

Need help with selecting the right car window tinting, body coating, and paint protection films? Leave it up to the experts and visit Winshield® Window Tinting Specialist. Contact us at +603-7877 1433 to get your FREE quote!