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Winshield was established in 2010 as a tinting company that worked towards making a difference in lives - at home, at work, or in the car. As the industry grew, Winshield has since expanded with dealership opportunities to accommodate the increasing demand for experts and specialists in automotive window tinting installation, this has also expanded to accommodate the residential and commercial sector providing comfort and protection all around. Its customer-centric employees are instilled with passion and are committed to providing the utmost satisfaction-guaranteed and value-added services to customers. Winshield is XPEL's authorized sole distributor in Malaysia.

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XPEL Malaysia Authorized and Sole Distributor

In XPEL Malaysia, we are not just business; we are also enthusiasts. For over 20 years, we have prioritized quality and our reputation in everything we do. Our state-of-the-art 20,000-square-foot facility houses some of Malaysia's most skilled detailers and paints protection film installers. The products we offer have been rigorously tested and proven to perform under Malaysia's harshest conditions while maintaining the best possible appearance.

All of our XPEL product is backed by our extensive international e-warranty.

XPEL was founded in 1997 and has been specializing in paint protection film ever since. XPEL is a Nasdaq-listed American company with a world-class dealer network of 83 countries worldwide.

In 2011, XPEL introduced the world's first self-healing paint protection film, revolutionizing the industry. In 2018, XPEL raised the bar yet again with the introduction of XPEL Ultimate Plus, the most advanced vehicle paint protection film on the market with the highest anti-corrosion and durability film ever created. XPEL proprietary DAP (Design Access Program) offers precise, safe, and zero-risk installation solutions. It is the world’s largest and most comprehensive pattern repository with over 120,000+ patterns available.

Trust that XPEL is the only thing standing between you and the open road.


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    Genuine Product

    Winshield is Malaysia’s authorized distributor of XPEL. Imported directly from the United States of America. For more than 10 years, Winshield Window Tint filling that same niche by delivering premium window tint to automobile owners who won’t accept anything less.

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    Superior Quality

    Winshield window tints are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and are of the highest of qualities. It complies with international laws and testing standards, and are popular for their patented scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant coating, making them durable and virtually maintenance free.

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    Reasonable Price

    Winshield window tint is reasonably priced without compromising quality. At Winshield, we provide you the highest quality window tint without sky-high prices so you can be assured to be satisfied every time you visit.

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    Customer First

    Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we provide up to 10 years of warranty* on most of our projects. Our team of professionals are also ready to follow up on all after-sales service needs, so you know you can rely on us to get only the very best.

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    Professional Installer

    Our team of skilled and professional installers understands the need to ensure all films are handled carefully, therefore giving you a perfect product finish with zero bubbling or risks of peeling, and is satisfaction guaranteed to serve you for years to come.