What To Ask When Getting a Window Tint

If you just got your new car or home, you may want to consider getting your windows tinted. From the benefits of having a cooler space to its added features of being shatterproof so you’re safer, window tinting is one of the most important things to think about when you get your car or keys to your home. With a whole range of window tinting brands and shops out there however, how would you know what’s best?

Thankfully, we know how to make you at ease and we guide you through 6 of the most important things to ask when you’re getting your windows tinted!

1. What is the warranty period of your window tint?
Most high-quality window tints should last you a lifetime with zero needs for re-application. That’s why if you’re getting your window tinted from a reputable shop, they will be able to offer you a warranty of up to 10 years for your window tints – a sign of how confident they are in their own products! Unlike cheap window tints that only offer you a year or two of warranty in fears of bubbling or peeling after prolonged use, high quality window tint will not harm your car or home window, clearly making it the better choice.

2. What’s the type of film being used for your window tint?
From Solar Control Films that help reject 99% UV rays and heat to Solar Security Films that are shatterproof to keep your property safer – it’s always good to understand what kind of film is being used for your window tints. You should also avoid picking window tints that are too cheap as they may not be able to provide proper UV and heat protection, and may even harm your car window or home window. Understanding your window tint also helps you understand the price points of your tinting job, so it’s highly recommended that you speak to professional tinting technicians for this.

3. Where does your film come from? Is it an authorised window film brand?
When picking the right window tinting, it’s important to know the origins of your window tint film. The American Standard Window Film (ASWF) is a window film that originates from the United States of America and offers window films of the highest quality. With its patented scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant coating, picking a window tint service that uses the ASWF window film assures you that your window tinting job is long lasting and is virtually maintenance free – something window films from other countries may not be able to offer you.

4. Will the window tint installation be done by professionals? How experienced are they?
Remember – the more experienced your professional tinting technician, the better your window tinting finishing gets. That’s why it’s important to know how experienced your window tinting technicians are, so you can get an unmatched finish. A professional can avoid bubbles, peeling, or wavy film by using the correct techniques.

5. How long will your tinting job take?

The duration depends on your car model – bigger cars with more windows will obviously take a longer time to complete. Having to remove the old tint will also add on the time; some old tints flake and tear easily, making it a chore to remove. As a rule of thumb, good professional work will require more time. If your tint job sounds too quick to be true, you may want to exercise caution on their tinting process and check if they have been properly executed. To avoid long waits, you should always make an appointment at the tinting shop.

6. How do you care for a newly tinted window?
Finally, it’s important to know how to care for your newly tinted window for a longer lasting window tint job. Quick tips include not winding down your car window or using the demister for 2 weeks right after applying your window film so it sets properly. You should also avoid sticking heavy objects on your tinted windows, as this may harm the window tinting and cause its surrounding to bubble, peel, or appear wavy. This includes holders for handphones, GPS and SmartTAG.

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