Fact or False: Are Window Tints A Scam?

Whether it’s for your car, home, or office building, getting your windows tinted must have been a topic of conversation one time or another. To many people, window tints are not a necessity and so they choose to ignore it or some may even have misconceptions about window tints. Today we’ll explore the myths and realities of window tints and if they really are a scam for your money.


Thought: Window tints don’t last long, and must be changed once every few years

Verdict: False

When high-quality window tints are applied on your car, home, or office windows, they can regularly last you a lifetime of use. Most tinting specialists such as Winshield would even offer you a 10 year* warranty so you can have a peace of mind when you’re driving around town or enjoying the cooling effect of your window tints at home and in your office.


Thought: All window tints will bubble and peel; there is no point in installing it

Verdict: False

Choosing high-quality window tints applied by professionals will guarantee the film on your car window, home window, and office window will not bubble, peel, or have waves after long-term sunlight exposure. Reputable shops like Winshield also offer up to 10 years warranty on their tints.


Thought: I will get a cooler car interior and save more electricity with window tints

Verdict: True

When you select high quality window tints for your car, home, or office, they will be able to block away 99% UV rays and provide you with great heat rejection. This means your car interior will be kept cooler for a comfortable drive, and you will also use less electricity at home as there is no need to use the air-conditioning on full blast to cool your space down. Hence, you’ll save on your electricity bill, so it’s a win-win for you!


Thought: Darker window tints are better as it means more heat is being rejected

Verdict: False

The colour of your window tint does not determine how much UV ray or heat is rejected. Instead, you should get professional advice on how dark your tint should get especially if you’re applying it on your car windows to avoid getting in trouble with the JPJ. Always remember that JPJ compliant window tints are just as effective in keeping heat out of your car.

Thought: Window tints prevent the fading of car seats and furniture

Verdict: True

Car seats and furniture will fade, wrinkle and lose their original colour after long-term exposure to UV rays. To keep them looking good as new, you should truly consider getting high-quality window tints.

Thought: Solar security window tints will make my windows unbreakable

Verdict: False

Windows that have been treated with Solar Security Films are not unbreakable. However, they do strengthen the glass to deter thieves from successfully breaking into your property. With Solar Security Films, your windows are shatterproof, it will not shatter into pieces and instead be held together as a large piece and this delays the crooks on their attempt.

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