Make Your Small House A Larger Home

For most homeowners old and new alike, having extra space in a tiny house is what you’d wish you had. From storage boxes to hidden nooks, most home improvement blogs will teach you how to manipulate whatever space you have just so you have a little more leg room. But what if your space is big – they’re just hidden amongst what little light has been shone into the said space?

To start, have a look at the curtains you are using. Blackout curtains are the top options in keeping heat out, but they also make your space look smaller than it seems. This is because it blocks away the potential view that your home presents; unobstructed window views are often key in making your home look bigger. As an alternative to blocking heat out, you could opt for high-quality window tinting that helps keep 99% UV rays away so your home stays cool and your furnitures are not prone to oxidation from sunlight exposure.

Secondly, it’s important to give your house an open plan. If you’re keen in sectioning away parts of your house, avoid building brick walls that add to the bulk and instead look at having glass partitions that does the trick all the same. For example, a kitchen that has been sectioned out by glass walls give you the feeling of being in separate spaces without sacrificing the outlook of a larger house. To add a touch of class, you can also opt to add on frosted window tintings so unwary guests won’t knock into these partitions.

Thirdly, think about the furniture pieces you’ve picked out for you house. Large sofas and tables may appear to be stylish but they leave almost no space for your house. The result? You’ll often feel like it’s uncomfortably cramped. Instead, how about swapping these bulky furnitures for sleeker pieces that have multiple functions? For example, some sofas now come with storage spaces underneath and extendable tables give you an option of sitting 2, 4, or more parties. Not only will these furnitures offer you the functionality you need, it also keeps your space open so it reduces clutter at a glance.

For a modern twist in addition to giving you a larger home perspective, you should consider adding a large mirror on empty walls. This gives you the illusion of double the space because light is well reflected and of course, the space is too. Decluttering is key to keeping your house look large, so having ample storage that isn’t overly bulky is a good way to decorate and add functionality to your house. You may also opt to leave several of these storage spaces empty, so it doesn’t look like you’re already running out of space.

Through these easy to follow steps, even a tiny house will be a cozy home. Excited to make changes? Get your FREE* quote for your window and glass tinting with Winshield SS2 today! Call us now at 03-7877 1433 to find out more! Our experienced and professional tinting technicians are always ready to give you a perfect window tint finish every time.