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Window Film

Window Film Made To Suit The Customer's Needs.

As a leading Window Film specialist in Malaysia, Pro Window Shield Sdn Bhd or WinShield in short strives to provide a comprehensive range of high quality and affordable window film to meet the daily needs of the customers.

We specialize in the installation of a wide range of window films for different type of needs. Ranging from installation of window films in cars to commercial building grew.

Chosing the right window film is vital to meet your needs. Such as choosing which window film to install for your home, as there are a variety of window films available such as solar control window film, solar security window film and even decorative window film.

Window Films Offered:

  • Automotive Window Film
    • Solar Control Window Film
    • Solar Security Window Film
  • Architectural Window Film (Home Window Film)
    • Solar Control Window Film
    • Solar Security Window Film
    • Decorative Window Film
  • Car Paint Protection Film (Coverage Area)
    • Bonnet
    • Bumper
    • Door Handle
    • Headlight
    • Side Mirror

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Installation of Window Film In Car
No Film VS Film Installed
Installation of Window Film On Windscreen
Installation of Window Film In House