Automotive Window Film

Automotive Window Film

automotive window film

Winshield offers Solar Control Window Film and Solar Security Window Film. Winshield automotive window films designed to fully equipped with our most opulent, luxury features. Winshield premium range automotive window film “Pro 6 Mil” uses nano-ceramic technology to build an oasis inside your car that is cooler, easier on the eyes, and shielded from the sun’s harmful UV rays, all while maintaining the phone, GPS, and other mobile connectivity.

Winshield automotive window films help protect your car cabin from sun damaging the plastic, fabric, leather fading, and deterioration. In addition, Winshield automotive window film adds a degree of safety with their industrial revolution solar security film by helping to hold broken glass in place in the event of an accident or vandalism. Winshield automotive film offers a variety of high-performance nano-ceramic films, metalized films, or standard non-reflective automotive films. 

Upgrade your driving experience with Winshield automotive film today and enjoy impeccable solar protection in your every drive. Winshield Automotive Window Film isn’t just about keeping a low profile anymore. It outperforms other types of films to keep you comfortable and protected. Backed by up to 10 years warranty. 

Benefits Of Window Film

 Up to 10 years warranty on selected window film.

 Original Erickson International film imported from the USA.

 Professionally trained and skilled tinting technicians.

 Up to 99% UV rejection on every drive.

 Great heat rejection for a cool and comfortable car.

 Interiors are protected from UV damage.

 Better fuel efficiency as you’ll require less air-conditioning.

 Long-lasting with minimal maintenance required.

 The high-quality film will not bubble, blur, or delaminate.

 JPJ compliance films are available upon request.

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Winshield Automotive Window Film


winshield solar security film


Winshield Solar Security Film makes car windows shatterproof and holds glass shards together so they don’t harm you in the event of an accident or attempted smash-and-grab incident.

UV & Heat Rejection

Winshield Solar Security Film also keeps you safe from the sun with up to 99% UV ray protection and great heat rejection. Keep your car cool even on a sunny day.

Added Security

Strong, clear protection to keep you, your vehicle, and its contents safe by slowing down glass breakage and deterring thieves. Winshield Solar Security Film available in up to 6 Mil thickness.


winshield solar control film

Excellent Heat Rejection

Winshield’s Solar Control Film offers up to 99% UV ray protection, and up to 98% infrared rejection (IRR) for a cooler car interior even when you’re parked under the hot sun.

Fuel Saving

With a cooler vehicle interior, you will not need to turn the air conditioner up – saving on air conditioner maintenance costs and fuel in the long run. Winshield Solar Control Film allows you to go on an extra miles.

Glare Reduction

Tinting your car windows with Solar Control Film reduces bright sun glare so you can get to your destination safer without placing stress on your eyes especially on sunny days.

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