Childproofing 101: How to Prepare For Your Little One

If you’re reading this article, happy bells must be ringing for you as you’re preparing for a little ones’ arrival! From sharing exciting milestones with your friends and family to celebrating every moment with your little one soon, things could get overwhelming if you don’t perform childproofing activities to keep the little one out of harm’s way.  Luckily, we’ve compiled several quick tips on how to prepare for your little one, so you know what to expect and childproof your home before the time comes!

1. Keep all electric power outlets safe
As children are naturally curious, everything that comes to sight are often regarded as a toy in their eyes. To protect them from an accidental electrocution caused by power outlets that are left in the open, it is advisable to purchase power outlet guards that help cover up these wide open sockets. They’re often available as a single socket plug or even in a hard, clear case, and will keep your little one’s fingers away from danger.

2. Don’t let glass shards hurt them

Children are children – and they love to play. Unfortunately, they may not know how to avoid mishaps and have the tendency to throw toys around whether to throw a tantrum or just for fun. Avoid unwanted accidents from glass shards that may come through broken windows or doors by giving your windows or glass doors a tint! With virtually shatterproof features on the Solar Security Film, broken windows and doors will no longer break into little shards that are difficult to clean and would hurt the little ones – making your home a safer haven for the children to explore, play, and learn along the way.

3. Keep the environment cool

If you’re feeling the heat from the erratic weather, could you imagine how your kids are feeling? Children are exceptionally prone to heat especially with their running around and intake of milk powder, which is why keeping your home environment cool for them makes it safer as they won’t reach out to dangerous appliances such as the fan to cool down. To do so, consider tinting your home windows. Blocking up to 99% of UV rays and heat, tinting your home windows is a great way to keep it cool and keeps your children away from the harmful UV rays too.

4. Keep things out of reach
When you’re a first-time parent, it’s easy to forget that things we could reach out for are things the children may get to as well. That’s why one of the most important thing to do when childproofing your home is to ensure everything is out of reach. From cutleries to medicines and detergents to hobby parts such as tiny LEGO pieces and other non-child safe products, it’s always best to keep them all out of reach. Consider locking them away in a high up cabinet, or install safety straps to your lower cabinets. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

5. Ensure your furniture wouldn’t fall
Knowing that higher items are way out of reach, children tend to look for furniture they can climb on such as drawers and cabinets. The problem however is that these furniture were not made for climbing and without proper enforcement, they may tumble forward following the weight of your child. Always make sure that the furniture is either drilled to the wall or present mechanisms that disallow climbing. That way, the little ones can’t climb on them or if they’ve found their way, the furniture wouldn’t trap them underneath either.

6. Cover the corners
When childproofing your home, always consider covering the corners of your furniture with bumpers because children are prone to tripping and it could be an accident waiting to happen. Lighten the fall with soft rubber bumpers especially on coffee tables and other fixtures that may have a sharp edge – you wouldn’t want to see a cut on your little one after they fall every time, would you?

But don’t let all these ward you off parenthood – you’ve got a whole life of adventures that awaits. Kickstart your childproofing journey when you speak to our professional tinting technicians from Winshield SS2 and discuss on the ideal window tinting for your home and family today! Call 03-7877 1433 and get a FREE* quote now!