Caring For Your Window Tint

Congratulations! If you’re reading up on this article, you must have recently gotten your car window, home window, or office window tinted professionally. Now you’re ready to enjoy a cool drive, a cozy home, or a comfortable office thanks to the high-quality tints that provide up to 99% UV ray and heat rejection!

Here are some simple tips on how to care for your new window tint and to ensure you don’t void your 10 year warranty:

1. Don’t use harsh cleaners or scrubs
You should also avoid cleaning your car windows in the first week, so the window tinting cures onto your windows completely.
It’s important not to scrub or scratch it, as this may cause your window tinting to rip. Should you need to clean your windows, a soft cloth moistened with water is often enough. Strong chemical cleaners, scouring pads, and metal sponges are not advisable to be used on tinted windows so you don’t accidentally tear the film. While these tricks are regularly for freshly tinted windows, they’re also great to for windows that have been tinted overtime to keep it well conditioned always.

2. Don’t wind down your car windows

If you’ve gotten your car windows freshly tinted, avoid winding them down for the first 2 weeks until the tint has set to your car window properly. By allowing it time to properly set, your tinting film will then be longer lasting and chances of it peeling are little to none when properly cared for.

3. Don’t use the demister for 2 weeks

For the same reason as above, you should avoid using your demister for 2 weeks after tinting your car.

4. Avoid sticking objects on your window

Do not attach phone/GPS holders or sunshades on your window. By now, you wouldn’t need sunshades in your car anyway because you’re almost fully covered from harmful UV rays and heat. Instead, you can now experience how cool your car can be even without the air-conditioning being on full blast and this is thanks to your high-quality tinting film. As for your home or office windows, avoid sticking any form of stickers onto them. These tips and tricks will maximize the lifespan of window tints and keep you cool for years down the road.

5. Watch that seat belt
Sometimes when we release our seat belts, we allow it to recoil on its own. Unfortunately, this may result in it hitting our windows and scratching the tint by accident. Instead, choose to carefully guide your seat belt to its original position.

6. Avoid letting your children scratch the windows
Occasionally as the window tinting cures, little bubbles or waves may form but this is normal as the tinting film is settling to your windows. To children, these bubbles may seem interesting and the urge to scratch the windows with their nails or toys may arise. Avoid allowing this to happen, as it may tear the film during the curing process or even leave an unwanted mark to you car window or home window. Allowing the window tint to dry naturally guarantees you a tint job that’s set to last for years with the use of high-quality tints.

Still feeling confused or unsure on how to care for your windows after getting them tinted? Our professional team of tinting technicians would be happy to help! Just call 03-7877 1433 to speak to the Winshield SS2 team today!