JPJ Tinting Rules


New JPJ Tinting rules allow drivers to tint their back windshields and rear passenger windows as dark as they desire. According to Transport Minister Anthony Loke, changes to JPJ Tinting rules are in response to motorists’ requests for darker windows to block the sun heat and glare from penetrating vehicle interior.

For safety concerns, the front windshield, as well as the driver and front passenger side windows, must remain transparent, allowing 70% and 50% Visible Light Transmission (VLT).


Drivers who want to completely darken their vehicle or lower the VLT levels of the front windscreen and front driver/passenger side windows must apply and permission is needed to do so.

A service fee of RM50 will be charged for each application submitted based on safety/security concerns. If authorized, a successful applicant will need to pay RM5,000 in order to legally darken his or her vehicle’s front windscreen and front side windows below the permissible 70% and 50% VLT.

Each permit is valid for two years, so individuals with approvals will have to reapply when the validity period expires, and they will have to pay the coat again for another two years of the permit, and so on.

Exemptions will be granted to vehicle owners who require a completely darkened vehicle due to medical issues and require formal approval from a government physician.

To learn more about JPJ Compliance Window Tint from Winshield, please visit Winshield Window Tint Page or locate our nearest outlet.

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6 Ways To Save On Electricity Bills

Feeling the pinch from increasing costs of life? We get it. From food prices to property prices that are always on the rise, we all want little fixes to help bring our commitments a little lower. But did you know that most Malaysians spend a good fraction of their salary on electricity bills in their homes alone? Luckily, it doesn’t have to always be this way. Here are 6 simple ways to save on your electricity bills:

1. Tint your windows

To help block the heat from getting trapped in your home, begin by getting your windows tinted. Solar Control Films are capable of blocking up to 99% UV rays and have up to 98% heat rejection to keep your home cool naturally. This can bring a drastic drop in your electricity bill because when your space is cooler, you’ll naturally use the air-conditioning a little less – thus reducing the price of your bill by the end of the month.

2. Say yes to natural lighting

For most homeowners, it’s common to buy curtains and blinds to keep the heat out of your home. Unfortunately, not only are curtains expensive and highly prone to dust, they also keep sunlight out of your space, making it dimmer and duller in your home. Finally, you will resort to turning on all your lights – causing your electricity bill to surge. Instead of going through this cycle, why not opt to have your windows tinted? With Solar Control Films, you will experience up to 98% heat rejection so your home stays cooler even without curtains. Now you can turn off those light switches when it’s bright outside because you can now enjoy the natural lighting that comes minus the heat it brings!

3. Unplug your electronics when not in use

It probably sounds funny to do so, but did you know that electronics still use up electricity despite it being turned off? To avoid unwanted electricity usage, it’s recommended that you unplug your electronics whenever you don’t need them. Examples such as your phone or laptop chargers should be unplugged when you’re no longer using them or you can even take it a step further to unplug heavy electronics such as the washing machine or TV when you’re done with it.

4. Keep your filters and fan blades clean
If you’re feeling less wind from your fan or that your air-conditioning is not as cool as it used to be, then perhaps it’s time for a spring clean. From giving your fan blades a quick wipe to reduce dust build up to cleaning your filters so the air-conditioning remains cool, a quick spring clean will help your home appliances maintain their efficiency and in turn keeps your electricity bill lower. So the next time you think your fan or air-conditioner isn’t doing a good job, maybe you’d like to check on the filter and fan blades instead!

5. Time your electricity uses

To keep yourself cool overnight, you don’t have to keep the air-conditioner on all the time. Consider setting it up on a timer where it would switch off around midnight when the temperature in your home is cool and the outside is colder. This is even better if you’ve got your home windows tinted, because your home could already be pretty cooling in the day so you wouldn’t need the air-conditioner to run that long just to keep you comfortably cool anyway!

6. Wash up in bulk
Do you run cycles of washing in the washing machine when it isn’t too full? Washing machines use up a lot of electricity, so be sure to only run your load when it is full to make full use of every wash! By doing your laundry in bulk, you’ll also be using less detergent and water, so this tip saves you both electricity and money at the same time! Need a shirt or a piece of clothing urgently? Try giving the old school method a go – hand wash it!

Get started with a cooler home when you have it professionally tinted. Speak to Winshield – the window tinting specialists in SS2 and get your FREE* quote on a tinting job today! With on-site measurements by professional tinting technicians with years of experience, you and your home windows will be in good hands. Call us today: 03-7877 1433

8 Ways To Pick The Right Tint For Your Windows

We’ve all heard about getting our windows tinted, but did you know that there’s a lot more to picking out the right tint for your windows? Today we’ll show you 8 ways to pick out the right tint for your windows!

1. Learn about the UVR of your window tint
UVR stands for ultraviolet rejection, and is the most common function of all window tints. Most window tints feature up to a 99% UVA and UVB rejection rate, but this may not be available in cheaper tints! UV rays damage your car’s interior and home furniture. It is also harmful to your skin and can cause skin cancer.

2. Ask about the IRR level of your window tint
IRR stands for infrared rejection, which helps block the heat from your car. A high IRR can help your car remain cooler and comfortable even after leaving it parked outside. Reputable tinting shops have a demo room for you to the test film’s heat rejection on the spot.

3. Looking for the right VLT in your window tint
VLT here refers to visible light transmission or simply put – how much light can pass through the tint. Darker tints do not necessarily block more heat and UV as high-quality films can have high IRR and UVR while maintaining a clear colour.

4. Is the window tint JPJ compliant?

Are you worried that your window tinting will get you into trouble with the authorities? That is why it is important to know JPJ’s ruling on window tint VLT – which is now set at 70% VLT for your front windscreen, 50% VLT for your front windows, and 30% VLT for your rear windows (as of 1st of January 2018). Not too sure how dark that would look on your car? Why not visit Winshield® – the Window Tinting Specialist and have our professionals give you a real-life example today!

5. Consider if you would like security features in your window tint

Upgrade from solar control film to solar security film for added benefits such as a stronger window and shatterproof feature. This will avoid having your car window smashed in pieces in case of an accident or robbery. Solar security films still offer up to 99% UV rejection and keep your car just as cool as solar control films. They do not cost much more than regular films but offer you peace of mind knowing that your family and valuables are safer.

6. Don’t go for cheap window tints – Remember it’s always quality over price
Cheap window tints may seem like a great way to get your car tinted, but did you know that most cheap tints will bubble after a year or two and often do not provide you with the right kind of protection from the heat? Some cheap window tints may even damage your car windows, and can be dangerous if used on the front and back windscreen as they may obstruct your view when it turns blurry and wavy.

7. Make sure it’s applied by professionals

As important as it is to get your car window tints from an authorised dealer of a reputable brand, it is also crucial to get the right people to apply them onto your car. Window film technicians must go through a series of training to ensure a perfect application with zero bubbling so your window tints can last you a very long time.

8. Is your window tint SmartTag, RFID or GPS friendly?
Finally, it’s important to ensure that your car window tints will be SmartTag, RFID or GPS friendly as cheaper window tints may not allow these radio frequencies to penetrate through. You wouldn’t want to roll down your windows every time you pass a toll or want to turn Waze on, do you?

Get the right help for the right window tints on your car with Winshield® – the window tinting specialist. Just call our HQ in SS2, Petaling Jaya at +603-7877 1433 for a FREE* quotation on your tinting needs now and feel how much cooler life can get with the right window tinting today!


9 Things You Must Do When You Get A New Car

Just got your new car? It could seem overwhelming to know what your next steps are after you’ve gotten the keys to your vehicle. At Winshield, we believe that it’s best to make every car ownership as simple and joyous possible. That’s why we’ve come up with the top 9 things you should do when you get a new car!

1. Read up your car manual
What do those blinking lights on your dashboard mean? Read your manual! Understanding your car manual also helps you understand your car better, and helps extend the lifespan of your car with proper care. Be sure to check for the right tyre pressure for a comfortable drive and minor details such as mileage logs so you don’t miss your maintenance checks.
Pro-tip: Always keep the manual in your car, as you never know when emergencies or breakdowns will happen.

2. Block the heat with window tint

You KNOW you’re going to need a good window tint in our hot Malaysian weather. So many types, which one to pick?
A simple guide to window tints:
i) Solar Control Film – Blocks heat and UV for a cooler and more comfortable ride
ii) Solar Security Film – Blocks heat and UV while offering shatterproof protection in case of an unfortunate car break-in or accident
Go for original films from reputable shops such as Winshield Window Tinting Specialist. Ask for the infrared rejection % and test the film at the shop.
Pro-tip: Always get your car tinted by professional window tinting specialists as this reduces the chances of your window tint bubbling, peeling or turning blurry after a period of use. Avoid using cheap tints as they may not offer the same amount of heat rejection, and you’ll have to change it often.

3. Stop polishing & waxing your car

A semi-permanent solution is here; one coat can last for up to 3 years! No more monthly retouching, just a shiny and mirror-like car body for years down the road!

Extra glossy surface

Protects car body from oxidation, UV rays, acid rain, and minor scratches

Hydrophobic layer repels water and dirt, making your car easier to clean as it prevents water staining

Pro-tip: Reduce wear and tear to your car when you apply a layer of body coating. This also helps give your car a higher resale value as it would look newer than it really is!

4. Prevent scratches with paint protection film

It’s only logical that you get a screen protector for your brand new phone and the same applies to your car! Before you get unwanted scratches and stone chips while you’re on the road, protect it first with paint protection film. This virtually invisible layer can self-heal under heat, so scratches are removed almost immediately. It helps your car look brand new while also protecting from UV rays and paint discolouration.
Pro-tip: The headlights, side mirrors, door handles, front bumper, and bonnet are more prone to getting scratched. Use PPF to protect these areas!

5. Pack an emergency kit for your car

Don’t be caught stuck alone in the middle of a dark road. Pack common essentials: jump start cable, flashlight, phone charging cable, first aid kit and anything you might need in an emergency. These items are easily found in your local hardware stores and take up minimal space.
Pro-tip: Pre-pack your emergency kit so you’re always ready to help your friends and family or even a stranded stranger.

6. Prepare yourself for a flat tyre

You’ll never know when you’ll encounter a flat tyre, so always have the right tools in your new car. They include car jacks, a spare tyre, an emergency tyre pump, reflective triangle, and a tyre changing kit (based on your car model). You can also consider keeping wet wipes and a pair of heavy duty gloves in case of a tyre change, so you can avoid injuring your hands when loosening the tyre nut and wipe your hands clean before continuing your journey.
Pro-tip: Electric kits are available in the market and can make the process much faster and easier, especially for females.

7. Keep emergency numbers close
This includes the contacts for tow trucks, a trusted workshop, car insurance and family members in case you have to use a public phone but cannot remember their numbers.
Pro-tip: Many car insurance providers give out car stickers with their numbers on them. Consider pasting this on your windscreen so you’ll have those emergency numbers anytime you need.

8. Join your car’s Facebook group

Even before purchasing your car, do consider joining a Facebook group where owners of the same car model gather. You can ask about car issues and where to get affordable spare parts. You’ll pick up plenty of tips and friends here.
Pro-tip: It doesn’t hurt to join several car groups to get more solutions to your problem!

9. Replace your residential stickers on the windscreen
Make sure you transfer over your condominium, gated housing area or office sticker so you don’t get stuck at the guardhouse.
Pro-tip: Apply for the stickers earlier so you can put them on almost immediately for lesser inconvenience.

Need help with selecting the right car window tinting, body coating, and paint protection films? Leave it up to the experts and visit Winshield® Window Tinting Specialist. Contact us at +603-7877 1433 to get your FREE quote!

Caring For Your Window Tint

Congratulations! If you’re reading up on this article, you must have recently gotten your car window, home window, or office window tinted professionally. Now you’re ready to enjoy a cool drive, a cozy home, or a comfortable office thanks to the high-quality tints that provide up to 99% UV ray and heat rejection!

Here are some simple tips on how to care for your new window tint and to ensure you don’t void your 10 year warranty:

1. Don’t use harsh cleaners or scrubs
You should also avoid cleaning your car windows in the first week, so the window tinting cures onto your windows completely.
It’s important not to scrub or scratch it, as this may cause your window tinting to rip. Should you need to clean your windows, a soft cloth moistened with water is often enough. Strong chemical cleaners, scouring pads, and metal sponges are not advisable to be used on tinted windows so you don’t accidentally tear the film. While these tricks are regularly for freshly tinted windows, they’re also great to for windows that have been tinted overtime to keep it well conditioned always.

2. Don’t wind down your car windows

If you’ve gotten your car windows freshly tinted, avoid winding them down for the first 2 weeks until the tint has set to your car window properly. By allowing it time to properly set, your tinting film will then be longer lasting and chances of it peeling are little to none when properly cared for.

3. Don’t use the demister for 2 weeks

For the same reason as above, you should avoid using your demister for 2 weeks after tinting your car.

4. Avoid sticking objects on your window

Do not attach phone/GPS holders or sunshades on your window. By now, you wouldn’t need sunshades in your car anyway because you’re almost fully covered from harmful UV rays and heat. Instead, you can now experience how cool your car can be even without the air-conditioning being on full blast and this is thanks to your high-quality tinting film. As for your home or office windows, avoid sticking any form of stickers onto them. These tips and tricks will maximize the lifespan of window tints and keep you cool for years down the road.

5. Watch that seat belt
Sometimes when we release our seat belts, we allow it to recoil on its own. Unfortunately, this may result in it hitting our windows and scratching the tint by accident. Instead, choose to carefully guide your seat belt to its original position.

6. Avoid letting your children scratch the windows
Occasionally as the window tinting cures, little bubbles or waves may form but this is normal as the tinting film is settling to your windows. To children, these bubbles may seem interesting and the urge to scratch the windows with their nails or toys may arise. Avoid allowing this to happen, as it may tear the film during the curing process or even leave an unwanted mark to you car window or home window. Allowing the window tint to dry naturally guarantees you a tint job that’s set to last for years with the use of high-quality tints.

Still feeling confused or unsure on how to care for your windows after getting them tinted? Our professional team of tinting technicians would be happy to help! Just call 03-7877 1433 to speak to the Winshield SS2 team today!

Childproofing 101: How to Prepare For Your Little One

If you’re reading this article, happy bells must be ringing for you as you’re preparing for a little ones’ arrival! From sharing exciting milestones with your friends and family to celebrating every moment with your little one soon, things could get overwhelming if you don’t perform childproofing activities to keep the little one out of harm’s way.  Luckily, we’ve compiled several quick tips on how to prepare for your little one, so you know what to expect and childproof your home before the time comes!

1. Keep all electric power outlets safe
As children are naturally curious, everything that comes to sight are often regarded as a toy in their eyes. To protect them from an accidental electrocution caused by power outlets that are left in the open, it is advisable to purchase power outlet guards that help cover up these wide open sockets. They’re often available as a single socket plug or even in a hard, clear case, and will keep your little one’s fingers away from danger.

2. Don’t let glass shards hurt them

Children are children – and they love to play. Unfortunately, they may not know how to avoid mishaps and have the tendency to throw toys around whether to throw a tantrum or just for fun. Avoid unwanted accidents from glass shards that may come through broken windows or doors by giving your windows or glass doors a tint! With virtually shatterproof features on the Solar Security Film, broken windows and doors will no longer break into little shards that are difficult to clean and would hurt the little ones – making your home a safer haven for the children to explore, play, and learn along the way.

3. Keep the environment cool

If you’re feeling the heat from the erratic weather, could you imagine how your kids are feeling? Children are exceptionally prone to heat especially with their running around and intake of milk powder, which is why keeping your home environment cool for them makes it safer as they won’t reach out to dangerous appliances such as the fan to cool down. To do so, consider tinting your home windows. Blocking up to 99% of UV rays and heat, tinting your home windows is a great way to keep it cool and keeps your children away from the harmful UV rays too.

4. Keep things out of reach
When you’re a first-time parent, it’s easy to forget that things we could reach out for are things the children may get to as well. That’s why one of the most important thing to do when childproofing your home is to ensure everything is out of reach. From cutleries to medicines and detergents to hobby parts such as tiny LEGO pieces and other non-child safe products, it’s always best to keep them all out of reach. Consider locking them away in a high up cabinet, or install safety straps to your lower cabinets. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

5. Ensure your furniture wouldn’t fall
Knowing that higher items are way out of reach, children tend to look for furniture they can climb on such as drawers and cabinets. The problem however is that these furniture were not made for climbing and without proper enforcement, they may tumble forward following the weight of your child. Always make sure that the furniture is either drilled to the wall or present mechanisms that disallow climbing. That way, the little ones can’t climb on them or if they’ve found their way, the furniture wouldn’t trap them underneath either.

6. Cover the corners
When childproofing your home, always consider covering the corners of your furniture with bumpers because children are prone to tripping and it could be an accident waiting to happen. Lighten the fall with soft rubber bumpers especially on coffee tables and other fixtures that may have a sharp edge – you wouldn’t want to see a cut on your little one after they fall every time, would you?

But don’t let all these ward you off parenthood – you’ve got a whole life of adventures that awaits. Kickstart your childproofing journey when you speak to our professional tinting technicians from Winshield SS2 and discuss on the ideal window tinting for your home and family today! Call 03-7877 1433 and get a FREE* quote now!

Driving in Malaysia: How to Avoid Smash And Grab Robberies

For most of us who are constantly on the go, it’s not uncommon to leave our bags and belongings on the car seat while we’re driving. It’s easily within reach or sometimes we just forget about placing it somewhere safe when we’re in a hurry. But did you know that this practice is what attracts smash & grab robbers the most?

Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to avoid being in the headlines of being a victim. Here are 5 quick tips to keep you and your property safe while you’re on the road:


Tip 1: Don’t leave your bags in plain sight

Regardless if you’re leaving your bag on your front seat or the back, it’s always best to keep your bag hidden. Most smash and grab robberies happen at traffic lights and by crooks on motorbikes so if your bag is openly placed, this may attract their attention and make you their next victim. Always remember to keep it slightly hidden, either by a jacket or a pillow if you have one, or better yet – keep it under your seat so the crooks don’t easily spot your bag.


Tip 2: Buckle your bag up

Just as everyone says: Buckling up saves lives – or in this case your bags! Sometimes keeping your bags hidden may not be enough as smash and grab robbers may still attempt to keep a lookout for them under your seat, but you can still deter them by buckling your bag to the seat using your seat belt. Simply loop your belt buckle around your bag strap and click the belt safely in place. This makes it almost impossible for crooks to snatch your bag. Even if they had a knife in hand, it would take time to cut the seat belt.


Tip 3: Tint your windows with Solar Security Film

Solar Security Films are virtually shatterproof and strengthens the glass, making it difficult for smash and grab robbers to reach your bag in a nick of time. With Solar Security Films, your windows will remain as a single, large piece of glass and not in tiny shards in case of a robbery attempt, so you do not get injured from broken window pieces as you make your way to the closest police station for help. The darkened window also makes it harder to view the interior of your car. Remember – it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Tip 4: Keep your valuables safe and yourself safer

To also avoid being a smash and grab victim while your car is parked at a parking lot or outdoor parking space, it’s always ideal to keep your valuables safe. Items such as your SmartTag, Touch ‘N Go or loose change should be kept away from prying and hopeful eyes because this may bring you unnecessary inconveniences. Keep your SmartTag in the glove compartment when you’ve parked your car and only take it out when you need it, and never forget to take your items such as a laptop down from the car!


Tip 5: Pay close attention to your surroundings as you drive

This may sound like a difficult thing to do while you’re driving, but it will always help to be a lot more alert when you’re on the road. Keep an eye out on a certain vehicle if it seems to be tailing you a lot and never head home straight away if you feel like you’re in danger. Don’t play with your phone when you’re at a traffic light as this will distract you from your surroundings and possible impending dangers, and always keep your emergency numbers close to you in case of an unwanted incident.


Don’t let yourself fall victim to a smash and grab robbery. Ask our professional team of tinting technicians on the ideal window tinting with our Solar Security Film. Just call us at 03-7877 1433 to reach Winshield at SS2 today!

Fact or False: Are Window Tints A Scam?

Whether it’s for your car, home, or office building, getting your windows tinted must have been a topic of conversation one time or another. To many people, window tints are not a necessity and so they choose to ignore it or some may even have misconceptions about window tints. Today we’ll explore the myths and realities of window tints and if they really are a scam for your money.


Thought: Window tints don’t last long, and must be changed once every few years

Verdict: False

When high-quality window tints are applied on your car, home, or office windows, they can regularly last you a lifetime of use. Most tinting specialists such as Winshield would even offer you a 10 year* warranty so you can have a peace of mind when you’re driving around town or enjoying the cooling effect of your window tints at home and in your office.


Thought: All window tints will bubble and peel; there is no point in installing it

Verdict: False

Choosing high-quality window tints applied by professionals will guarantee the film on your car window, home window, and office window will not bubble, peel, or have waves after long-term sunlight exposure. Reputable shops like Winshield also offer up to 10 years warranty on their tints.


Thought: I will get a cooler car interior and save more electricity with window tints

Verdict: True

When you select high quality window tints for your car, home, or office, they will be able to block away 99% UV rays and provide you with great heat rejection. This means your car interior will be kept cooler for a comfortable drive, and you will also use less electricity at home as there is no need to use the air-conditioning on full blast to cool your space down. Hence, you’ll save on your electricity bill, so it’s a win-win for you!


Thought: Darker window tints are better as it means more heat is being rejected

Verdict: False

The colour of your window tint does not determine how much UV ray or heat is rejected. Instead, you should get professional advice on how dark your tint should get especially if you’re applying it on your car windows to avoid getting in trouble with the JPJ. Always remember that JPJ compliant window tints are just as effective in keeping heat out of your car.

Thought: Window tints prevent the fading of car seats and furniture

Verdict: True

Car seats and furniture will fade, wrinkle and lose their original colour after long-term exposure to UV rays. To keep them looking good as new, you should truly consider getting high-quality window tints.

Thought: Solar security window tints will make my windows unbreakable

Verdict: False

Windows that have been treated with Solar Security Films are not unbreakable. However, they do strengthen the glass to deter thieves from successfully breaking into your property. With Solar Security Films, your windows are shatterproof, it will not shatter into pieces and instead be held together as a large piece and this delays the crooks on their attempt.

Do you have other thoughts on window tints for your car window, home window, or office window that needs to be addressed? Come speak to our professional team of tinting technicians at Winshield in SS2 to get them all clarified! Call us today at 03-7877 1433 for an appointment!

Guide To Creating Comfortable Offices

We spend an average of 8 to 9 hours in offices, and sometimes even more when it gets busy. Sadly, work never ends and the cycle begins everyday where you step into the same old space, doing the same old thing. The good thing however, is that a comfortable office space can help boost the morale of everyone who is around, and it doesn’t take too much to create comfort zones for everyone.

For starters, do consider getting the windows tinted so the office environment doesn’t get too hot from the heat that comes from the outside. Window tints help block up to 99% UV rays and heat, giving the staff a more cooling space to work in. By opting for a Solar Security Film, staff may feel safer on a rainy and windy day, knowing that the glass is shatterproof in case of uncontrollable weather. The office will also look wider without the need for excessive light use, as blinds will no longer be needed to keep the heat out.

Secondly, consider breaking down walls that separates everyone. When you knock down restrictions around the office, staff may feel more at ease as the space is noticeably larger and they no longer feel boxed up into corners. This is known as the open office concept, a situation most companies now adopt to help create a comfortable space for the staff to work in. By using glass panes to divide working sections with meeting rooms and other areas in the office, everyone will now be entitled to a window view instead of it being a privilege to a selected few.

For privacy and aesthetic purposes, do give decorative films on glass panes a go around the office. For example, frosted films are ideal for meeting rooms as they keep sensitive materials and topics away from outside eyes. Decorative films also come in various designs and colours; they make for a great pick for less serious spaces such as brainstorm areas and the pantry as they bring a more fun vibe to the overall environment of the office.

Finally, consider having fun thematic spaces within the office for all. Allowing teams to pick how they’d like to decorate their own departments will help the staff enjoy the office a little more. Given that most people would even decorate their own seats so it feels extra personalised, it could be good to offer that as an option in creating more comfortable offices for the staff. After all, you would have already given them the best foundation there is – a cooling office that begins with professionally done window tinting to keep out heat all day long.

Get in touch with the professionals to make your office a comfortable one. Just call Winshield SS2 for a FREE* quote on your job and see how glass panes and window tints can change your office environment forever! Speak to our team at 03-7877 1433 today!

Make Your Small House A Larger Home

For most homeowners old and new alike, having extra space in a tiny house is what you’d wish you had. From storage boxes to hidden nooks, most home improvement blogs will teach you how to manipulate whatever space you have just so you have a little more leg room. But what if your space is big – they’re just hidden amongst what little light has been shone into the said space?

To start, have a look at the curtains you are using. Blackout curtains are the top options in keeping heat out, but they also make your space look smaller than it seems. This is because it blocks away the potential view that your home presents; unobstructed window views are often key in making your home look bigger. As an alternative to blocking heat out, you could opt for high-quality window tinting that helps keep 99% UV rays away so your home stays cool and your furnitures are not prone to oxidation from sunlight exposure.

Secondly, it’s important to give your house an open plan. If you’re keen in sectioning away parts of your house, avoid building brick walls that add to the bulk and instead look at having glass partitions that does the trick all the same. For example, a kitchen that has been sectioned out by glass walls give you the feeling of being in separate spaces without sacrificing the outlook of a larger house. To add a touch of class, you can also opt to add on frosted window tintings so unwary guests won’t knock into these partitions.

Thirdly, think about the furniture pieces you’ve picked out for you house. Large sofas and tables may appear to be stylish but they leave almost no space for your house. The result? You’ll often feel like it’s uncomfortably cramped. Instead, how about swapping these bulky furnitures for sleeker pieces that have multiple functions? For example, some sofas now come with storage spaces underneath and extendable tables give you an option of sitting 2, 4, or more parties. Not only will these furnitures offer you the functionality you need, it also keeps your space open so it reduces clutter at a glance.

For a modern twist in addition to giving you a larger home perspective, you should consider adding a large mirror on empty walls. This gives you the illusion of double the space because light is well reflected and of course, the space is too. Decluttering is key to keeping your house look large, so having ample storage that isn’t overly bulky is a good way to decorate and add functionality to your house. You may also opt to leave several of these storage spaces empty, so it doesn’t look like you’re already running out of space.

Through these easy to follow steps, even a tiny house will be a cozy home. Excited to make changes? Get your FREE* quote for your window and glass tinting with Winshield SS2 today! Call us now at 03-7877 1433 to find out more! Our experienced and professional tinting technicians are always ready to give you a perfect window tint finish every time.