Guide To Creating Comfortable Offices

We spend an average of 8 to 9 hours in offices, and sometimes even more when it gets busy. Sadly, work never ends and the cycle begins everyday where you step into the same old space, doing the same old thing. The good thing however, is that a comfortable office space can help boost the morale of everyone who is around, and it doesn’t take too much to create comfort zones for everyone.

For starters, do consider getting the windows tinted so the office environment doesn’t get too hot from the heat that comes from the outside. Window tints help block up to 99% UV rays and heat, giving the staff a more cooling space to work in. By opting for a Solar Security Film, staff may feel safer on a rainy and windy day, knowing that the glass is shatterproof in case of uncontrollable weather. The office will also look wider without the need for excessive light use, as blinds will no longer be needed to keep the heat out.

Secondly, consider breaking down walls that separates everyone. When you knock down restrictions around the office, staff may feel more at ease as the space is noticeably larger and they no longer feel boxed up into corners. This is known as the open office concept, a situation most companies now adopt to help create a comfortable space for the staff to work in. By using glass panes to divide working sections with meeting rooms and other areas in the office, everyone will now be entitled to a window view instead of it being a privilege to a selected few.

For privacy and aesthetic purposes, do give decorative films on glass panes a go around the office. For example, frosted films are ideal for meeting rooms as they keep sensitive materials and topics away from outside eyes. Decorative films also come in various designs and colours; they make for a great pick for less serious spaces such as brainstorm areas and the pantry as they bring a more fun vibe to the overall environment of the office.

Finally, consider having fun thematic spaces within the office for all. Allowing teams to pick how they’d like to decorate their own departments will help the staff enjoy the office a little more. Given that most people would even decorate their own seats so it feels extra personalised, it could be good to offer that as an option in creating more comfortable offices for the staff. After all, you would have already given them the best foundation there is – a cooling office that begins with professionally done window tinting to keep out heat all day long.

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